Learning Bird and COVID-19

Over the past few weeks, a lot has changed in Canada. Health and safety have become our top concern and we as Canadians have been asked to use social distancing and limit our face-to-face encounters. We are taking this very seriously at Learning Bird. We have temporarily closed our offices and [...]

Join us at QPAT on November 15th

Join us at QPAT on Nov 15th for "Infusing Indigenous Knowledge into Math and Science Learning Situations", a session that is being co-presented by E. Diane Labelle, Pedagogical Counsellor with the First Nations Adult Education School Council and Learning Bird’s own Joelle Chemali, Education [...]

Secret Path Week 2019

Tomorrow marks the start of Secret Path Week. This annual event, which runs from October 17th - October 22nd, marks the dates that both Gord Downie (October 17th) and Chanie Wenjack (October 22nd) passed. Our friends at the Gord Downie and Chanie Wenjack Fund are calling on all Canadians to [...]

Camping with Dene Tha’ First Nation

Last week, Rebecca accompanied students, teachers, community members, and Elders from Dene Tha’ First Nation on a fall camp. This camp was set-up to demonstrate to students what camping and moose hunting are like. Rebecca was invited to participate and film the activities that took place during [...]

We are Hiring

With the new school year underway, we are looking to grow our team. We have new partners to recruit and support, plenty of resource kits to develop, and many onsite visits to conduct interviews and gather audio and video. We are hiring for the following roles: Partner Development Representative [...]

Montreal First Peoples Festival

Our team spent yesterday at the Montreal First Peoples Festival. We were able to see some striking art by Chippewar and were fortunate enough to attend a seminar with Jason Brennan, the president of Nish Media. This seminar discussed both the challenges and the opportunities he faces as he runs [...]

Ice Fishing in Gods Lake Narrows

Last month, Rebecca and Mackenzie from the Learning Bird team visited God’s Lake Narrows in Manitoba. This was Rebecca’s second trip to the community and during her time onsite, she met with teachers to walk them through how to access resources that supported what they were teaching. As [...]

Looking to Hire Land-Based Curriculum Specialist

Are you an experienced land-based educator with a passion for developing curriculum and a desire to travel? We are working on two exciting projects and are looking for an experienced land-based curriculum specialist to join our team as a project lead for this short-term contract. It involves [...]

Learning Bird Has Started a Book Club

Learning Bird team members will be coming together to read and discuss books written by Indigenous authors and/or including Indigenous themes and issues. Our first book is Seven Fallen Feathers: Racism, Death, and Hard Truths in a Northern City by Tanya Talaga. Our team has all been enjoying [...]

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