Educator Guides Are Now Integrated into the Platform


You may have noticed that recently created resource kits now feature Educator Guides. We initially included guides as separate resources, but now we have integrated them directly into the platform interface. When you access a resource kit on the platform, you will see the following: 

  • Description
  • Big Idea
  • Prerequisite Skills and Concepts
  • Introduction
  • Resources
  • Extension Activities

This makes it easier to integrate this resource kit into your instruction and provides better support.

view of resource kit page with educator guide integration

Individual resources also include detailed instructional plans for carrying out in-class activities. They include:

  • Learning Objectives
  • Key Terms
  • Materials Needed
  • Instructional Strategies

view of instructional plan on resource viewing page

You can see an example of this new integration in our new Louis Riel, the Red River Resistance, and Beyond resource kit.

All new resource kits added to the platform will follow this format.