Ice Fishing in Gods Lake Narrows


Last month, Rebecca and Mackenzie from the Learning Bird team visited God’s Lake Narrows in Manitoba. This was Rebecca’s second trip to the community and during her time onsite, she met with teachers to walk them through how to access resources that supported what they were teaching. As the same time, Mackenzie was filming in and around the community to gather footage for the school’s custom content.

The team had the opportunity to film ice fishing for one of the new resource kits we are making together. They drove by snowmobile for thirty minutes over the snow and ice until they finally reached the net. After getting set-up and removing the ice which covered the hole, the net was pulled from the lake a few feet at a time so the fish could be removed before they froze at the surface. The team was busy documenting the process, but they did get a chance to each pull the net and it was definitely harder than it looked!

This was the first time either Mackenzie or Rebecca had the chance to ice fish and they were both delightfully surprised by the processes of net setting.

God's Lake Narrows School Mural