Update for Ontario Partners – 2024-2025 FNCCEC Funding


The First Nations Confederacy of Cultural Education Centres (FNCCEC) recently hosted an information session outlining important changes to the Indigenous Languages and Cultures (ILC) funding from Canadian Heritage for the 2024-2025 funding year.

In 2023-2024, FNCCEC offered 3 possible funding streams.

  • Stream 1: Single-Year Proposal-Based funding (to develop a community language plan)
  • Stream 2: Multi-Year Proposal-Based funding (for language revitalization activities)
  • Stream 3: Ongoing Programmatic funding (for communities to implement their language plans)

For 2024-2025, FNCCEC is only offering single-year proposal-based funding for developing language plans and language revitalization activities. There will be no multi-year proposal-based funding for language revitalization activities. Whether communities with language plans can apply for ongoing programmatic funding this year is still being determined.

In the future, FNCCEC will only offer the following streams:

  • Stream 1: Single-Year Proposals (to develop community language plans)
  • Stream 2: Ongoing Programmatic Funding (to implement the community language plan)

Therefore, Ontario First Nations communities will NEED to have a community language plan in place to access ILC funding through FNCCEC for language revitalization activities in the future. 

Stay informed about this year’s application dates and requirements on their website

Application dates: May 20 to June 28, 2024

Is your community developing a language plan? Do you need support in developing one? Contact us! We can support you in all aspects of development, from applying for funding to delivery.

map of Indigenous territories, treaties, and languages from Native Land Digital