Camping with Dene Tha’ First Nation


Last week, Rebecca accompanied learners, educators, community members, and Elders from Dene Tha’ First Nation on a fall camp. The community set up this camp to demonstrate what camping and moose hunting is like. The Nation invited Rebecca to participate and film the activities during the camp. Our team will use this footage to create a series of resources for Dene Tha’ First Nation members. These resources will help members learn more about cultural activities and traditions and reconnect to their language and culture. 

“I really enjoyed meeting and learning from the community members and Elders who participated in the camp,” said Rebecca. “I was humbled to experience a wide variety of activities and sights that are outside my normal day-to-day routine.” 

Many thanks to everyone who took the time to speak and share knowledge and food with Rebecca at the camp.

Secret Path Week