A Visit to Nelson House


Last week, Rebecca had the opportunity to visit Nisichawayasihk Neyo Ohtinwak Collegiate (N.N.O.C) in Nelson House, Manitoba. This school is entering its third year in working with Learning Bird. Rebecca visited the school to update their Learning Bird Nest, a local server that provides teachers access to audio, video and print resources, without consuming Internet bandwidth. This update included many changes to the Learning Bird platform, as well as a lot of new content resources from our collaboration together last year, and from other communities across Canada.

While she was onsite, Rebecca enjoyed meeting with the warm and caring staff at N.N.O.C and she gave them a tour of the updated platform. The teachers also participated in hands-on station activities and took some time to explore the new resources to see which ones could be worked into what they were teaching later in the year.

The next day, after the training and stations workshop, Rebecca took time to meet with teachers one-on-one. She had the chance for more in-depth conversations with the teachers, about teaching, their students, and how they would envision using the Learning Bird resources in their classrooms.

Rebecca is looking forward to supporting this great group of teachers throughout the year.


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