Curriculum Development with Haisla Nation


We are very excited about a new project that we recently started with Haisla Nation. Our team is collaborating with educators and curriculum specialists at Haisla to develop a x̄a̓’islak̓ala language curriculum and culture curriculum to support learners in kindergarten through grade 12. 

This curriculum project is part of a wider, multi-year initiative in the community to revitalize x̄a̓’islak̓ala. Haisla Nation is leading several initiatives to develop the community’s connection to their language and culture. These programs include the creation of a x̄a̓’islak̓ala Learner’s Group, a Mentor Apprentice Program, Haisla Cultural Awareness Training, and a Culture Camp. The Nation has also participated in a Rapid Word Collection Workshop with the First Nations Education Foundation (FNEF) and has recorded thousands of words and phrases to share on the First Voices website. 

Learning Bird is working with the Haisla Culture and Language team to write and design the curriculum documents for kindergarten through grade 12. These documents will eventually be implemented in c’im’oca, Haisla Community School, Coast Mountain School District 82 and be used in post-secondary and adult education programs. These curriculum documents will serve as the foundation for future teaching materials and lesson plans to support lifelong learning in and around the Nation. 

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