Learning Bird Introduces Course Packs for At-Home Learning


As communities and schools struggle with how to continue learning in a post-COVID-19 era, many are looking for ways to provide equitable access to resources for at-home learning. Some schools will need to move toward a fully or partially at-home model in order to adhere to physical distancing requirements. Some communities may also need to institute at-home time due to teacher quarantines or shortages.  

To help with this transition, Learning Bird has introduced a new series of weekly Course Packs that are designed to support teachers with print-based, inclusive, cross-curricular projects that they can assign to students at home. Each Course Pack provides between 5-8 different activities, all centered around a theme. Each activity supports a specific subject (math, ELA, social studies, science, language, or culture), with the goal of meeting at least one curriculum outcome. All activities can be assigned individually, or as a complete package.

These print-based Course Packs will be added to the Learning Bird platform in September 2020. They are also offered on a per-student basis to schools who are not current Learning Bird subscribers. 

To learn more about Learning Bird Course Packs, please contact us by email or call 1-888-844-9022 ext. 808. 

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