Our Services

We offer specialized services to support the unique needs of schools and communities.


PD that actively engages teachers in their learning

We offer in-person and virtual PD workshops that address teachers needs with an emphasis on technology and inclusion.

Choose from one of our current sessions, or ask us to create a custom session for your specific needs: Integrating Technology in the Classroom, Outdoor Learning, Lesson Planning: Incorporating Indigenous Pedagogies, and Assessment.

All of our Professional Development sessions feature:

  • Engaging hands-on activities
  • Ample time for discussion and sharing
  • Effective use of technology
  • Flexible schedule and duration (2- or 4-hour sessions)
  • Virtual or in-person delivery
  • Tailored topics that suit your needs

Ask us about a PD session to engage your teachers.

Download our overview of teacher and student workshops.


Supporting your curriculum development and enhancement

Our team of experts can help you build and develop your local language and culture curriculum, from conceptualization through to implementation.

Our Curriculum Development services include:

  • Developing a curriculum structure and identifying learning outcomes
  • Updating or expanding an existing curriculum
  • Identifying standards of achievement or benchmarks for each grade level
  • Creating long-range teaching plans to cover each aspect of the curriculum
  • Creating classroom resources tailored to your curriculum

Ask us about how we can help you build your local language and culture curriculum.


Preserving and re-inventing historical footage and documents

Digitize cultural artifacts such as community cassettes, video tapes, photographs, maps, storybooks, language booklets and more. We can help you convert these for preservation and help you re-imagine them for use in your community’s language and culture revitalization initiatives.

Our Digitization and Revitalization services include:

  • Digital conversion of:
    • Bound documents
    • Large format prints, such as maps and posters
    • Loose materials, such as handouts and worksheets
    • Audio and video in any format
    • Photographic slides and negatives
  • Indexing and metadata creation
  • Best practices for document security and access
  • Creating derivative works to reach new audiences

Ask us about how we can help you preserve and re-invent your historical footage and documents.

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