Learning Bird Offers New Workshops for Teachers and Students


As the school year comes to a close, one of the last tasks many administrators do is plan their fall teacher orientation and decide which sessions they will book for professional development during the following school year.

To help administrators with this time-consuming task, Learning Bird is introducing a new series of workshops. We have added several new topics to our standard PD sessions for educators, including Integrating Technology in the Classroom (beginner and advanced), Outdoor Education, Lesson Planning: Incorporating Indigenous Pedagogies, and Assessment.

We have also introduced two new workshops for students this year. These workshops include Digital Storytelling: What Stories Do Our Lands Tell? and Youth Audio & Video Training. Each workshop features up to six hours of in-person or virtual activities delivered to a group of learners over several days.

Consult our PD brochure for a complete description of each session.

Contact us for pricing and scheduling information.


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