Our Programs

We offer three programs to support the unique needs of schools and communities.


Local resource integration
in the classroom

Our school programs are designed to help teachers infuse culturally relevant content into their classrooms. We support both public schools looking to provide a well-rounded and inclusive learning experience, and First Nations schools who are looking to reflect their local language and culture as part of their curriculum.

Our programs include:

  • Access to classroom resources across math, science, social studies, English language arts, language, and culture
  • Training and coaching around effective resource use
  • Professional development sessions
  • Content creation to support local curriculum needs

Ask us about a pilot program for your school.


Preserve and revitalize
your language

Our language programs support Nations who are looking to preserve and revitalize their languages. Many Indigenous languages are at risk of disappearing as the population of fluent speakers ages. Our programs help communities create engaging digital language resources that can be used for generations to come. We offer support with recording, resource scripting and storyboarding, production, and resource mobilization and promotion.

Our language programs include:

  • Capacity building through training and shadowing
  • Development of local skills for audio/video collection
  • In-community filming and recording
  • Digitization of existing print materials
  • Resource design and scripting
  • Resource mobilization and promotion

We support the creation of your materials. Everything we create together is yours to keep and use as you wish, with no ongoing cost.

Ask us about how we can help you preserve and digitize your language resources.


Support at-home students with Course Packs

Our custom Course Packs provide students in grades 6-8 with culturally inclusive, project-based learning materials that can be completed at home. These printed Course Packs provide teachers with a set of activities and projects that can be assigned for at-home completion. Each activity or project is independent and can be completed with minimal supervision, using materials a student would already have.

Our custom Course Packs are:

    • Culturally inclusive
    • Age and grade-appropriate
    • Cross-curricular, mapping to curriculum outcomes
    • Accessible to all, with high and low tech options to fit your students’ varying needs

Our Course Packs are designed to your needs and are customized to integrate your local language and culture. Ask us how our Course Packs can meet your needs.

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