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Canada’s outlook has changed a lot over the past few weeks. Many employees are working remotely to fight against COVID-19. Companies are shifting gears to change what they produce or how they support their customers. Products and services are changing and evolving rapidly to adapt to our new realities.

Just weeks ago, grocery delivery was a luxury. This service is a lifeline for people with compromised health and those in quarantine or self-isolation. This is just one example of how businesses are changing and adapting to our evolving societal needs. 

In Canada’s fight against COVID-19, the government asks organizations to support workers using new tools, embracing new technologies, and adapting their work. This may mean companies need to build new job aids, create new training modules, or develop new onboarding materials. COVID-19 is stretching teams thin. Regular suppliers and contractors may not be available to help with projects. 

Commitment to Indigenous Education and Languages

For the past four years, Learning Bird has supported First Nations schools and communities in creating and delivering education and language resources. Usually, our team is busy travelling to our partner communities, working with Elders, and creating language and cultural resources at this time of the year. However, with most planes grounded, schools closed indefinitely, and important social distancing rules in place to protect everyone, especially our Elders, some of our projects are on hold.

We are committed to our partnerships. Our team is progressing on every project we can. Our team is happy to start any new projects we can do remotely. We are also planning projects for when we can travel and collect materials. In the meantime, we are temporarily expanding our service offerings to help organizations adapt and address their content creation and production needs.

Adapting to New Needs

We have a strong team of education specialists and audio/visual production experts who can help with various projects. Many of our team members’ skills are transferable to other materials. 

Some projects we can assist with include: 

  • organizational training presentations
  • eLearning capsules
  • distance learning units
  • job aids
  • instructional videos
  • employee on-boarding kits
  • and more…

Our team is a one-stop-shop for planning, content development, scripting, storyboarding, and audio/video and print production. Our base in Montreal, QC, ideally positions us to create materials in Canada’s official languages. 

Working Remotely

We can support organizations across Canada and beyond, as we are accustomed to working with clients from a distance. Our team has the tools for collaboration, remote meetings, and file delivery for review and feedback. We can even help you distribute your materials and support integrating them with your organizational tools.

Our team is well set up for this type of mandate. We are accustomed to working remotely, and we have the communication and team management tools to do so effectively and predictably. 

Think we can help? 

We would love to speak with you about your needs and brainstorm how our team can help. Reach out to discuss your project or give us a call at 1-888-844-9022, ext. 808. 

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