New School Year Resolutions for Teachers

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The first day of a new school year is almost as magical as the moment the ball drops at midnight on December 31 in that there’s so much to look forward to—new students, a new classroom, and new Pinterest decorations covering the walls of your space. Take advantage of this time by setting a few goals, or resolutions, for yourself.

Write them down, tell your teacher friends, whatever it takes to make sure you stick with each and every one. Whether you’re learning how to use a new classroom tool or giving yourself an hour you-time every day, you’ll be glad you did.

Start a Teacher Blog

A classroom or teacher blog can be used to display student work, communicate with parents, or share classroom tips and stories with fellow teachers. However, if creating and implementing a blog in your classroom seems daunting, focus on taking the first step: sign up on WordPress or EduBlogs and write your first post—you might get hooked!

Make Time for YOU

As a teacher, it’s so hard to make time for yourself. Between grading papers and prepping for lessons, it seems like a never-ending loop of work, work, and more work. Resolve to make more time for yourself this year, even if it’s just one hour after you get home to have a relaxing dinner before diving back into work.

Try a New Classroom Tool

Challenge yourself to try at least one new classroom tool this year. With so many budget-friendly options to choose from, it’s easier than ever to find one that you love without breaking the bank. Try one of these new tools that will help you to better engage students while broadening your skill set:

Try Blended Teaching

If you’re not ready to dive head first into technology, try a blended approach, where you combine traditional and modern techniques to better engage your students. Start your lesson with a traditional method of lecture, followed by blogging, watching a YouTube video or something more fitting for the lesson.

For example, take students to Ancient Rome with Google Maps after a lesson about the history of this once prosperous society—you can literally walk the cobbled streets of modern-day Rome, giving students a cultural and geographical lesson that is exciting and engaging.

Get More Organized With Technology

There’s something satisfying about writing your to-do list and crossing each item off by hand. However, this isn’t always practical, especially when you’re trying to remember what you need to do tomorrow while driving from school the grocery store, your lone sticky note sitting on your desk at work.

Use tools like Evernote, TeuxDeux or Vitalist to keep everything in one easy-to-access place, while still having the satisfaction of crossing off or removing an item from the ever-expanding list.

The new school year is a chance to improve yourself and your teaching. Use it as an opportunity to try something new, make time to focus on you, try a blended learning approach, and more. You never know what you can accomplish with so much ahead of you.