Contractor Opportunities

Learning Bird is always looking to connect with specialized talent to augment our team’s skills. These specialized skills include Indigenous artists, voiceover artists, translators, animators, storytellers, and illustrators. We are also interested in building our pool of graphic designers, video creators, videographers, instructional designers and other content specialists that align with our projects.

If you are an independent contractor who is interested in working with us, please send us an introduction package that includes: 

  • An overview of your skills and service offering
  • Your hourly rate or rate card
  • Examples of your work (portfolio or website link)
  • Client references

We will require all independent contractors to sign a contractor agreement. 

We are currently looking for independent contractors with the following skills:

  • Copy Editing 
  • Videography
  • Curriculum Development
  • Graphic Design 
  • Voice Over Artists

Send an introduction email with your CV or website link to

Want to learn more about how we can work together?